New DVD a great hit!

Show Me A Farm Where Potatoes, Pumpkins & Maize Grow

Potato Harvesting

SMAF_logo_bullet_point Our new DVD is a great hit with children interested in farm machinery. Growing potatoes, pumpkins and maize involves all manner of weird and wonderful farm contraptions! And the DVD is a mine of  fascinating and amazing facts about these crops.

SMAF_logo_bullet_point The potato section is full of tractor action, a big modern potato harvester and an old one that looks like a ‘fair ground ride’. There’s a trip into space aboard a space shuttle and a shorter excursion a visit a local chip shop. We discover that the preparation for planting potatoes is long and involved … and rightly so … because potatoes are very fussy vegetables!

SMAF_logo_bullet_point The pumpkin section is full of fun, horror and a little parental struggle as we watch a huge pumpkin being prepared for a Halloween party. Planting pumpkins is a painstaking business and for them to grow successfully farmers rely heavily on their friends the bees to pollinate this crop.

SMAF_logo_bullet_point The maize section reveals a crop that has so many uses we ran out of counting them. From cornflakes to lipstick maize is amazing. We discover the difference between maize and sweetcorn with the help of Gloria, a fiesty ex-battery hen who conducts a taste test for us. We watch awsome forage harvesters cutting maize and learn how maize is used as an ingredient in a delicious winter feed for cows! Check out the DVD in our shop.

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