KIDZ VIDZ is a short teaser of our kids videos made between 1993 and 1999. It features parodies of News at Ten, Birds of a Feather, The Professionals, Mission Impossible and The X-Files. Bjork makes a guest appearance and there's an extract from The Ghost Table. We've posted these vidz with the kind permission of our kids for your entertainment!

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Show Me A Farm Books & DVDs

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The true story of two cows and their newborn calves, Cha Cha & Bubbles, and their lives on a dairy farm.

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See life 'behind the scenes' for a herd of prize winning Ayrshire cows. From milking to tail-trimming, from babies to bulls!

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This DVD is full of farming action that will delight any child mad on tractors and machinery used to prepare, plant and harvest crops!