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KIDZ VIDZ reveals the fun we had making videos with our kids in the 1990’s. Then 20 years later, making videos with our kids kids encouraged us to start Show Me A Farm.

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Crabbing Safari

Crabbing Safari is a video we in 2010 with our grandkids. Great fun was had by all at Langstone Harbour with lines, nets, buckets and bacon! This video became an instant hit with our family and shows how a simple subject treated with a little creativity can become compelling viewing.

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Open Farm Sunday

Open Farm Sunday’s are held around the country by the farming community to give members of the public an opportunity to see the work they do to produce the food we eat. This was one of the first videos we made for Northney farm.

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Show Me A Farm Books & DVDs

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The true story of two cows and their newborn calves, Cha Cha & Bubbles, and their lives on a dairy farm.

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See life 'behind the scenes' for a herd of prize winning Ayrshire cows. From milking to tail-trimming, from babies to bulls!

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This DVD is full of farming action that will delight any child mad on tractors and machinery used to prepare, plant and harvest crops!