Big Pink Tongues!

  ‘Big Pink Tongues’ was written by Lesley Ede for Show Me A Farm publications to explain to young children in an engaging story what life is like for cows on a dairy farm. The characters in the story are based on Lesley’s encounters with two Ayrshire cows from Northney farm that she named Mrs. Irwin and Mrs. Omo and their new born calfs Cha-cha and Bubbles. Much of the story is based on real events, with some even captured on camera!

  To a child, life on a dairy farm may seem all picture book and romantic, but in reality cows are there to do an important job. In the story, Chacha and Bubble learn what will be expected of them when they grow up and what the daily patten of life will be like in the main herd. After reading, or hearing this book read, children will have a greater appreciation of the job cows do and where milk comes from.

  We have produced a companion DVD to the book called ‘Show Me A Farm, Where They Milk Cows’. It takes you behind the scenes to see life on Northney farm over the course of a year. You’ll see how the herd is milked, mums with new born calves, Enfield, the farm’s magnificent Aberdeen Angus bull, young heifers, tail-trimming, milk collection, pasteurisation, bottling and even ice-cream making! And of course, you’ll meet the Big Pink Tongues characters ‘acting out’ scenes from the story in real life!

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  1. […] week I was sent a copy of Big Pink Tongues.  So I took it to work and read it as our Breakfast Book (that is, a book I read whilst the […]

  2. admin says:

    Hi Nanny Nick. Thanks for taking the time to comment on Big Pink Tounges. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Milking video but we would be interested to hear how that went down with your audiences! All the best and keep up the good work, Bob.

  3. Jan Butwell says:

    The children at Denmead Pre-School enjoyed watching the DVD and they asked if they could watch it again and again. The book itself came with lots of fact’s and photograph’s of the local dairy. The children were able to pick up new words for example; dairy man, calf and milking parlour. The children enjoyed visiting Longdown dairy farm and the book and DVD gives them a good insight of farm life.

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