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SMAF_logo_bullet_point  When our children were young, we often made up daft bedtime stories for them; ‘Brainbox Stories’ we called them. “Mum, dad, tell us a Brainbox Story!” Then as they got older we made crazy home movies with them (see KIDZ VIDZ for glimpses). Lesley and I have worked in TV since 1979 and we’ve always had cameras on hand. Today, we find ourselves inventing crazy stories and producing fun videos again, this time for our six grandchildren!

SMAF_logo_bullet_point  We moved to Hayling Island in 2002 with two farms right on our doorstep. We didn’t know much about farming until the owners of Northney farm suggested we make a video about milking to show to school parties. To our delight, our grandchildren (ages 1 to 7) watched it continually and it dawned on us that we should offer it to a much wider audience. So in 2012 we started Show Me A Farm with our first farming DVD ‘Show Me A Farm Where They Milk Cows’ and Lesley’s first book, ‘Big Pink Tongues’ a story about a dairy farm.

  We are now busy producing more books, DVDs, games and other merchandise, calling on three decades of broadcast experience on series like Playdays, Seeing & Doing, Zig-Zag, Middle English, Horizon & Panorama and landmark documentaries for the BBC, ITV & C4 & C5. We hope you enjoy what we do as much as we enjoy doing it and we’d love to hear your feedback via our CONTACT form.

Thanks for visiting our site, Bob & Lesley.

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Show Me A Farm Books & DVDs

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The true story of two cows and their newborn calves, Cha Cha & Bubbles, and their lives on a dairy farm.

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See life 'behind the scenes' for a herd of prize winning Ayrshire cows. From milking to tail-trimming, from babies to bulls!

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This DVD is full of farming action that will delight any child mad on tractors and machinery used to prepare, plant and harvest crops!