We produce captivating stories and DVDs that help children understand how farmers produce the food we eat. Our books and DVDs are fact-filled, fun and entertaining for both children and parents to enjoy together.

With our weekly food shop almost entirely carried out in the hectic and pre-packaged environment of supermarkets, it’s little wonder that the origins of our food hardly cross our mind. So it’s perfectly understandable that our children will assume their food magically appears on supermarket shelves.

As parents, the shopping priority is to solve the recurring questions “What are we going to eat today, tomorrow, the weekend?” The fact that a potato is dug out of the ground or milk is sucked from the udders of a cow does not form part of our shopping consciousness.

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Show Me A Farm Books & DVDs

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The true story of two cows and their newborn calves, Cha Cha & Bubbles, and their lives on a dairy farm.

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See life 'behind the scenes' for a herd of prize winning Ayrshire cows. From milking to tail-trimming, from babies to bulls!

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This DVD is full of farming action that will delight any child mad on tractors and machinery used to prepare, plant and harvest crops!